Welcome to Aviamonde and thank you for stopping by!

Duke founded the website in 2022 to provide a trusted resource about all things aviation for aspiring pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and frequent flyers.

Aviamonde’s mission is to demystify and simplify the theory, jargon, and complexities of aviation.

Aviamonde is a brand new project that started a couple of months ago (as of September 2022), so there’s not much on here yet. But I’ll be publishing great content soon.


Nice to meet you! I’m Duke.

I’m an airline pilot, aviation writer, and founder of Aviamonde.

A child who grew up dreaming of becoming a pilot, I started my aviation journey back in 2004. I completed my flight training, got my commercial pilot license, and eventually landed a job with a major airline in 2007.

Since then:

  • I’ve obtained my initial type rating on the Embraer 170 at FlightSafety, Le Bourget in Paris, France.
  • I’ve flown thousands of flight hours in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.
  • I’ve gotten my Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and Airbus 320 type rating.

I’ve also started ghostwriting about pilot training, testing, and licensing for a US-based pilot training provider’s blog.

At Aviamonde, I aim to share my knowledge and expertise to provide simple answers to complex aviation questions.