How Parasite Drag Works on Aircraft

parasite drag

Parasite drag. What an interesting name, right? It may evoke an image of airborne worms living on an airplane and sucking its fuel. Which is kind of true. Seriously, though, drag is simply air resistance to aircraft movement. It’s principally composed of parasite and induced drag. In this article, you’ll gain an understanding of the … Read more

NWKRAFT: 7 Critical Preflight Action Items Explained

NWKRAFT featured image

NWKRAFT probably sounds like gibberish to most people. But it’s an important pilot acronym. The NWKRAFT checklist is a memory aid that helps pilots recall necessary information for flight planning. It includes navigational, operational, and meteorological factors that pilots need to take into consideration. Let’s explore it in more detail. What Does NWKRAFT Stand for? … Read more